What is the difference between FotoStation, FotoStation Pro and FotoStation Client?

With FotoStation Pro, you get all of the same great features found in FotoStation, but with some added functionality, notably:

  • Customizable metadata schemas to implement custom XMP field definitions
  • Metadata Macros
  • Image Markers
  • Application of of SmartColor processing to a selection of images using Actions
  • Import and Export of metadata to/from text files and ODBC sources
  • ODBC integration in metadata editors
  • Archiving of assets on offline media
  • Customizable print layouts
  • Archive permissions
  • Disabling of actions per archive for greater workflow control

With FotoStation Client, intended for larger teams and enterprises, you also get the following features:

  • Advanced security
  • Shared configurations
  • Connection to Index Manager Servers
  • Connection to FotoWeb Servers
  • Color Factory integration in Actions through JRF
  • Volume Licensing Keys for easy management and automatic deployment
  • Licensed for use on Terminal Server / Citrix / Virtual Desktops
  • Client Access License for FotoWare Server Applications included

FotoStation Pro and FotoStation Client are available for sale through our network of resellers in 41 countries. Contact us for more information.

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