Troubleshooting activation issues in FotoStation

If you encounter problems when trying to activate FotoStation, the below instructions can help you troubleshoot the issue yourself before you contact support.
Problem: The activation wizard does not automatically start, and you cannot start FotoStation
In this case you can start the FotoWare activation wizard manually. Open the Windows start menu / home screen an start typing Activate licenses. When the start menu shows the Activate licenses shortcut, click on it to start the activation wizard and fill in the product key as instructed.

An alternative way to start the activation wizard is to choose Start - Run and type fwappactwiz and press OK. That will also start the FotoWare Activation Wizard.

Mac OS
Open the Terminal application on the mac and type the following to start the Activation Wizard:
"/Applications/" -activate <product key>
Replace <product key> with the product activation key for your FotoStation license and omit the brackets < >
Problem: Activation fails with "Error 0/0"
This error code can also be manifested as 76/61026 or 21/126. The problem is local to the machine. This is an issue with the FLEXNet licensing service.
Solution for Windows
  • Go to the Control Panel and select "Services" - FLEXnet Licensing Service. If this service is not present then you need to run the FotoWare installer again. If the service is there and started, then proceed to the next point.
  • Go to C:\ProgramData\FlexNet and delete the activation files "fotoware_006ef600_event" and "" (or similar). Do NOT delete anything else. Other products that use the same activation scheme also store files here - these must NOT be deleted. (If you cannot see the file, check the Windows folder settings and make sure that hidden files are being shown.)
  • Try to activate your product key again: Hit Start | Run "fwappactwiz" and enter your activation code. Then try to restart the FotoWare application.
Solution for Mac
  • In the Finder, open the Go menu and choose Go to Folder
  • Type in:
/Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/FLEXnet
then hit OK.
  • Find two files that are named somewhat like this:
  • Delete these files and try again to launch FotoStation and activate your product key.
Important: DO NOT delete any other files from this folder! Doing so can break the activation for other software products on your machine.
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